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PROPACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD provides filling machines like Tube Filling Mamchines, bottle filling machines, etc. offers easy adjustment of the quantity of material to be filled and provides positive cut of value for drip lining. These machines are capable of handling products of various viscosities in jars containers, tube and bottles of different Shape and Size.


  • Suitable to fill tubes, cans etc. in the range if 5 gms to 90 gms per stroke.
  • Available in motorized & manual models, having both hand & foot operated options.
  • The unit is supplied 3 sets of standard nozzles include vertical filling attachment for jar and bottles.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic tube filling machine.
  • Available in semi-automatic tube filling machine also
  • Tube filling machine is widely used to fill and seal tubes with viscouse liquids            Silling,paste filling, cream filling,tooth paste filling,cosmetic cream filling,gel filling,adhesive filling,ointment filling
  • High speed & medium speed tube filling machine series are also available.
  • Tube filler is suitable for Aluminium, Lami, Plastic, LDPE, HDPE etc. tubes.
  • Available in Single Nozzle, double Nozzle for different output.
  • Sealing- Hot Jaw Sealing, Crimping etc.
  • Drip free filling is main feature of our tube filling machine


(depending upon fill quantity and product)

60 tubes/min


1 Operator

Power Consumption

1.0 Kw

Floor space ocupied

2.1 x 1.0 m (7′ x 3′ -4′)

Height including paste container

1.9m (6′ – 3 ‘)

Height excluding paste container

1.2m(3′ – 9′)

Gross weight

1200 kg /2650Ibs

Net weight

900 Kg/2000 Ibs

Shipping Volume

4 m3 140 cu.ft.

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