Rapid Mixture Granulator

Capacity from 10 Liters upto 1200 Liters

The basic equipment consists of machine base covered all around by SS flush type panels.The frame is providedwith a SS staircase & railings. Over the frame there is RMG Bowl with pneumatically open able lid. It has two mixing blades. Material to be mixed is whirled and tumbled, close to the bottom of RMG bowl with the help of chopper blades. Chopper Tool located at the side preventslump formation. RMG produces a highly efficient, fast & homogenous mixing.

Using Rapid mixer granulator, we obtain:

  • Fluidity and compressibility in powders
  • Mechanical properties that exists in pills
  • Bio-disponibility
  • Homogeneity in mixture in low actives doses
  • Homogeneity in final output or product

Application of Rapid Mixer Granulator

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetic
  • Food
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