Steam Sterilizer

Our Steam Sterilizer is a very contemporary. The best improvement with it is it consumes very less power in assessment to its power guzzling cousins. This wonder equipment comes at a very inexpensive price. On the other hand, this quality all steel equipment is integral with all the meters to keep track of the experience in the interior it. The condensation sterilizers can be operate using outside steam or with built in steam generator depending upon the availability of the steam. Different cycles can be selected. Depending upon the product to be untainted.we are also counted as Supplier&Exporter of  Steam Sterilizer in India.
Salient Features:

  • S.S. 316 chamber with S.S. 304 jacket
  • Radial or sliding type specially designed doors.interior
  • Doors with special locking and sealing system
  • Improved temperature uniformity inside the chamber reducing heat losses due to radiation.
  • Prevents simultaneous door opening at a time when process is “ON”.
  • Self locking safety for doors can’t open under pressure.
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